Step-by-Step Guide to Book, And Go On Private Safari Kenya

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There’s no better way to experience the ultimate Kenya safari experience than to go on a private safari Kenya. These trips are customizable to ensure you and your family, colleagues, and friends enjoy every moment you spend in Magical Kenya.

Kenya is the number one safari destination in the world, with unexplored destinations you should visit. Therefore, if you enjoy watching wildlife and birds or admiring beautiful landscapes, we will show you how to book and go on a private safari Kenya.

How to Book and Go On a Private Safari in Kenya

Kenya has all the safari ingredients you need for a fantastic adventure in the wild Savannah. If you are ready to experience magical Kenya, here is a step-by-step guide to help you effortlessly book and go for your private safari.

1. Choose Your Destination

Kenya has many unique places to visit, from national parks and museums to cultural communities. Kenya is the birthplace of safari, and you can expect many exciting places to visit, such as game parks, lakes, and many other beautiful sceneries. These sites have unique characteristics, and there is no perfect option for all tourists.

Your ideal safari destination depends on your interests and preferences. For instance, if you love game-watching, a must-visit place is the Masai Mara, home to the Great Wildebeest Migration. If you love watching and interacting with elephants, the Amboseli National Park is the best place. For nature and bird lovers, some exciting destinations to consider are Lake Nakuru and Mount Longonot.

safari in the Mara

However, some want to experience it all. The good news is that various tour plans are available, including visits to more than one attraction site. Your first step to taking a private safari Kenya is identifying and listing the destinations you would love to visit.

2. Plan Your Trip

Next is to plan your private safari in detail. During this step, it is crucial to have your dates right. It is best to know when you wish to begin your African adventures, how many days you will be away, and when you will be coming back. This information will help you create an accurate time frame that will act as the base for all your safari planning.

After getting the dates right, it is time to plan your budget. Private safaris are the most expensive tour packages. Therefore, you should decide how much you will spend as you create a detailed budget. For instance, most private safaris cost an average of $1,500 per person; however, this figure can drop for group tours. Create a budget that includes extra food, small expenses, tips, etc.

The amount of money you’ll spend on your private safari tour mainly depends on the days you wish to spend in Kenya. Most plans offer a minimum of 3 days; however, it is best to plan a 4-day private safari tour. Four days is enough to get an all-around experience.

Another critical factor is the season you’ll be going for your safari. If you are to plan your trip during the peak season, you should expect to spend more since there is more demand for tour companies, accommodation, etc.

This stage also includes doing your research. For instance, there are various vaccinations, such as Yellow Fever, that you should get before boarding your plane to Kenya. Also, it would be best to remember that you are visiting a hot region, and the dress code will differ.

3. Contact A Tour Company

After choosing your preferred destinations and planning your trip in detail, it is time to contact a tour company. There are many tours in Kenya, and they are a phone call away. It is easy to get a private tour company in Kenya online. However, it is safe and best to ask one of your friends or colleagues who has been to Kenya for contacts.

If you have no friends who have been on a safari to Kenya, there are various ways to pick the ideal tour company. The best strategy is to go online and read reviews from previous tourists and learn about their experiences. This way, you will narrow the long list to several tour companies that offer quality private safari services.

Next is to consider the tour companies’ customizable options and price points. Consider other factors such as payment methods, driver experience, available tour trucks, etc. These factors will also help you narrow the list to two or three companies.

The final step is to get their contacts and contact them. Feel free to share with them your plan, preferences, and expectations. Please give them the dates you plan to visit and give them time to tailor the best adventure according to your preferences. Most communication will happen via email until you finalize everything, including making payments.

4. Visit Kenya

The final step is to go on your private safari. The tour company you choose will cater to everything during your stay in Kenya. You, your family, or your colleagues will get picked up from the airport. The tour truck, van, or bus will take you to your hotel, where you will settle before the adventure begins.

Some private tours begin the same day when you arrive. They are usually not intense, and they are to introduce you to the wild and untamed Savannah. The adventures will begin the following day, and your tour company will guide you to your desired destinations.

Why Go On a Private Safari Kenya

Why should you go on a private safari to Kenya? Why not visit other safari destinations? The Kenyan safari experience is unmatchable, and here is why you should opt for a trip to magical Kenya:

  • Best Safari Destination

Kenya was voted the best safari destination in the world. This is according to the numerous wild adventures and service quality. There are many other safari destinations; however, Kenya is the best place.

  • Best Accommodation Services

Kenya is home to various four and five-star hotels. There is no better way to rest after an adventurous day in the wild Savannah than in a top-tier hotel. These hotels offer additional amenities such as spas, swimming pools, etc., where one can relax and have some time to themselves.

There are also world-class camps and luxury lodges in remote areas. These options bring out a classical camp experience deep in the wild. Some of these camps are historical. This isolated but luxurious experience is something not available in other safari destinations.

  • Interact with The Big Five

A safari is only complete once you interact with the Big Five. These beasts are present throughout the game parks and national reserves in Kenya. Destinations like Masai Mara are home to all the Big Five and arguably the best place to see the big cats in action.

The best time to visit and see the Big Five is during the Wildebeest Migration. This is when there is an extreme activity, and the wild cats are the most active.

  • Rare Wildlife

Another reason to go on a private safari in Kenya is to see rare wildlife, such as the odd-looking gerenuk. Some of these animals are only available in Kenya and protected by the Kenya Wildlife Services. There are also endangered species, such as the white rhino and Grevy’s zebra.

  • Beautiful Sceneries

Is there a better way to begin a safari tour than watching the sunrise in a hot-air balloon? One of the benefits of booking a private safari in Kenya is you get exclusive offers and packages, such as hot air balloon rides. These rides will give you the ultimate experience as you admire the beautiful Kenyan scenery as you rise to the skies.

Another beautiful scenery is the Great Rift Valley, which runs from Syria to Mozambique. This great valley has various mountains, lakes, and other attraction sites. It is known for its beauty and diverse wildlife. For instance, one of the lakes, Lake Nakuru, is home to various flamingos and is the ideal breeding ground for pelicans.

  • Private Conservancies

Private conservancies are private destinations, and a private safari in Kenya will secure a trip to these destinations. These destinations give tourists certain privileges, such as driving off-road, touring after dark, going for guided bush walks, etc. The customized experience leads to fantastic wildlife sightings.

There are conservancies where there are no predators or wild cats. Here you can go on a safari while riding horses. The main benefit of visiting a private conservancy is better game viewing.


If you are planning on experiencing Africa’s wild and untamed side, it is best to go for a private safari Kenya. Kenya is home to beautiful sceneries, exciting cultures, rare wildlife, and action-filled game parks and reserves. A private safari will allow you to customize your experience and stay at luxurious hotels.