Here is the Best time to go for Masai Mara Safari Kenya and Why

masai mara safari kenya

How much do you know about the Masai Mara National Reserve? First of all, it is the most popular safari destination in the world. There are so many reasons why this is. When you mention safari to most people, Masai Mara Safari Kenya will be top of the locations they think about.

However, just like all other parts of the world, times change, and seasons change. If you want to get the most out of a safari, in the Masai Mara, you have to know the best time to visit and why. Note: this is an amazing region all year round, but there are months that are the best.

So, Here is the best period to do a Masai Mara Safari Kenya.

June to October

The months of June, July, August, September, and October, are the best times to visit the Masai Mara and make lasting memories of a Safari in Africa. There are many reasons for this and they include:

  1. Dry Season

The period between June and October is the dry season. The weather is dry and warm and there are pleasant temperatures. This is also a season that comes immediately after the long rains in Kenya. Another feature is that the skies are mostly clear. As a result, it becomes perfect weather for both animals and tourists on a safari.

This is because there are no rains to hinder the safari, the place is clear, and animals move more freely due to the amazing weather.


As a result, the dry season offers the best experience of viewing a wide range of Wild Animals in their natural habitat.

  1. Wildebeest Migration Period

Other than the period between June and October being the best to travel to the Masai Mara due to the amazing weather, Wildebeest Migration is the most attractive reason to do so. The wildebeest migration is a world wonder that attracts many tourists.

During this period, every year, more than a million wild animals which mostly include wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles, migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania into the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The wild animals migrate in search of pasture after a dry season kicks in, and the Serengeti and pasture is depleted. As they move, their journey is challenging especially as they cross the Mara River. Here, they meet huge, hungry crocodiles waiting for them and lions on the other side. Some do not make it through the journey.

As this activity takes place over several months, it is the most attractive and exciting on in the Mara.

Pros of June to October Season

  • Less vegetation hence better spotting of wildlife
  • More concentration of wildlife in rivers and other water sources
  • Less bugs and mosquitoes during the safari
  • Great migration
  • Temperate weather for safari

Cons of the Season

  • Evenings and Mornings are cold
  • High cost of traveling due to demand
  • High number of tourists coming in hence some congestion

Other Seasons To Know About

The Masai Mara National Reserve has several seasons that are worth knowing about. Although June to October is the best time to visit the park, it is crucial to note other relevant seasons to support proper planning.

They include the following.

  1. Lion Season

This is the bountiful season at the Mara. The season is characterized by huge amounts of food and water across the wilderness. The Lion Season comes immediately after the huge rainy season. During this season, huge numbers of grazing animals such as gazelles, zebra and wildebeests, come out to feed in the huge green vegetation.


During this season, the herbivore are also calving. It is a good season for lions as they also come out to hunt. The season is called Lion Season because you are able to spot lions easily as they come out to hunt. Basically, food is in plenty.

  1. Green Season

The Green Season goes through March to May. It is a season that marks new life in the Wild Savannah of the Masai Mara. This happens after a long dry season. The rains kick in during this season and everything changes in the wilderness. Dust disappears, and new green grass start showing up.

During this season, there is so much to see, including blooming trees and plenty of happy life for all the animals. It also marks a new season for newborns.


Masai Mara Safari Kenya is clearly one of the best in the world. The best part comes when you travel at the right time. You get a chance to witness some of the most amazing things the wild and Kenya can offer. The Great Wildebeest Migration is an unmatched phenomenon that people from across the world dream to experience all the time. Plan your safari to the Masai Mara and experience this.