Discover the best ways to combine Kenya safari and beach holidays

In Africa, Kenya is one of the best safari destinations. In East Africa, it is the best holiday destination. Kenya Safari and beach holidays have become a favorite of many tourists. Although many people know the country for its attractive and amazing safari tours, there are huge and attractive beach vacation spots to enjoy.

As a result, it is possible to combine a Kenya safari and beach experience. This type of combination offers the best experience in Kenya, especially during the summer season. During holidays, it is the best way to enjoy both worlds. Here, you will find out how to combine these two attractions.

1. Pick A Safari and Beach Combined Package

The best and easy way to experience both Kenya safari and beach holidays is by getting a package that combines these two experiences. Although it is a complex and engaging safari package, it is definitely worth picking.

The result is a chance to enjoy the thrilling wildlife and adventure during the safari, plus a relaxing, warm and calm environment at the coast. This combination will also offer some of the best and top-rated accommodations, facilities as well as many foods to try out.

kenya safari and beach holidays

Kenya has a huge Indian Ocean coastline which enables it to have several beaches. This means for people looking for a gateway vacation or honeymoon, there is enough for them.

Below, is an example of safari and beach combination safari you can get to experience the most of both.

11-Day Kenya Game and Beach Safari

This is a tour safari package that is specifically designed and customized for a person who is looking to enjoy great game drives and packed action on a safari, plus a relaxing vacation on Kenyan beaches.

The safari starts in Nairobi, Kenya. It involves several top-rated national parks such as Samburu, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, and Tsavo national parks. In these parks, seeing the Big 5 is a must. There is also a guarantee of witnessing wild animals in action.

When it comes to accommodation and food, you check into the best lodges and camps for a high-quality experience. One will enjoy sightseeing, bird watching, nature walks, game drives, and photography.

In addition to this, the safari is on an air-conditioned, private 4×4 Landcruiser, with a professional driver and guide throughout.

The safari is designed such that you will start at the country’s capital, and towards the end, you will find yourself in the coastal region for the beach experience.

This means that the epitome of all the fun is spending time in the coastal town of Mombasa and touring various beaches, and tourist attractions sites there.

For this type of safari, one will expect to pay between $2,500 to $5,000 for the whole package based on hotel selections and other factors.

2. Safari, and Nature attractions around the beach

Unknown to many, is that the coastal region of Kenya is home to many attractions other than just the beaches. As a result, one can experience a safari kind of vacation and still enjoy the beach life holiday fun.

Here is how. First, the coast of Mombasa in Kenya is very close to the Tsavo East and West national parks. This means that it is quite easy to do a safari in Tsavo and move back to the coastal island or beach.

In addition to that, there are other several attractions one can have within the coastal region. One of them is vising the Shimba Hills National Reserve which is along the southern coast of Kenya. A safari to this reserve will offer, many amazing things. First, it is the largest coastal first you will find in East Africa just after Arabuko-Sokoke which is on the Northern coast of Kenya.

Shimba Hills National Reserve is also famous for having the right fauna and flora. It is also home to the special Sable Antelope.

The reserve is just next to the ocean and it has more than 1,000 species of coastal and marine plants.

Another region to tour in this case is Marine parks. The Kenyan coast has more than 5 marine parks to visit while on the coast. These are homes to many wild coast and ocean animals such as rescued turtles. A visit to Haller Park in Mombasa will also prove worthwhile. It is home to a rainforest, giraffes, turtles, hippos, snakes, and birds.

3. Bird watching, beaches, and Sites along the Coast

The coast of Kenya is an abundance of activities and things to experience. One of them is bird watching. With the coast having many marine parks and natural forests such as Arabuko Sokoke Reserve, it is easy to combine a beach stay and a safari.

This means that it is possible to combine the untamed wildlife experience with the cool breeze of the ocean. The best beaches and locations to tour on the Kenya coast include Diani Beach, which is the best and cleanest for its clear waters, Watamu, Nyali, Kilifi, and Malindi.

Other areas one will enjoy visiting include Lamu, Fort Jesus, and the Old Port Town of Mombasa.

Final Take

It is fun and possible to combine a Kenya safari and beach holidays. Whenever you get time to book such a package, take and it will be worth it every moment of the way. However, ensure that you get a customized package that will be tailored to your taste and preference.