Best Ways for Couples to Enjoy Safari Kenya Tours

safari kenya tours

Kenya has continuously proved to be one of the best safari destinations in the world. Safari Kenya Tours offers the best experiences for different types of people. Whether you are a solo traveler, a group of friends, family, or even couples, you will enjoy visiting Kenya for a safari.

For couples, there is a need to have as much fun as possible when on a safari. As a result here you will learn some of the most crucial tips to follow when on a Kenya safari. This will make it possible to enjoy your safari all through.

Follow the following tips and you will have the best experience couples would have in Kenya.

  1. Plan together and plan early

A safari in Kenya or any other place is not exactly something you can do on short notice or randomly. Unless of course, you live in Nairobi city, which is the only city with a National Park. There, you can drive for 20mins and do a safari.

If that is not the case, you will need to plan early. Planning is key if you want to enjoy your safari as a couple. It will give you a chance to know where to visit, things to do, how much to spend, and come to a good agreement.

At the same time, proper planning gives you a chance to prepare other things such as flights, passports, and visas among others.

It is also a good chance to make plans for your honeymoon or anniversary.

  1. Pick the right safari company

The truth is that there are several tour and travel companies in Kenya. However, getting the right company to plan your couples’ safari is vital in determining how much you get to enjoy.

A good company will have experts who understand all things to do with a safari. A good company will have the ability to plan a customized safari for you as a couple and take case of all the things you need.

Getting a good company, will also get you to discover the best attractions, and accommodations that suit your moment whether it is an anniversary or honeymoon. Additionally, you will definitely get value for your money.

Make sure you pick a company with good reputation and years of experience in the industry.

  1. Request Special Treat for Couples

Safari packages for Kenya are not always fixed. You can always request your tour agency to plan a safari for couples. This means that the company will select destinations and properties that appreciate you and give you a chance to enjoy your moment.

Since tour operators are experts in the industry, they will make it happen for you. You will find lodges and hotel staff waiting for you. You will also get special treatment for your anniversary.

Once you communicate that you are a couple and would like to get a special treatment, you can be assured to enjoy your safari better than your expectations.

  1. Combine Safari with a Beach Holiday

Unknown to many, Kenya is not all about wilderness safari. The country is also home to a beautiful Indian Ocean coastline. As a result, there are several unique and clean beaches on the Kenyan coast. One of the most popular one is Diani Beach.

Instead of doing a safari all through all the days, you can combine with a beach stay to spice up your couple experience.

With the Kenyan coast offering amazing white sandy beaches, the Swahili heritage culture, several marine parks, and amazing beach resorts, it is truly a heaven for many people. After some days enjoying the big 5, and many attractions in the parks, this is a perfect way to end the whole experience.

  1. Capture your moment

How else will you keep the memories and relive them if you can’t record and store? The safari Kenya tours are full of surprises and many attractions. As couple, you need to record and keep your memories for the safari.

When you are out of a safari, do not hesitate to carry a camera to capture all the experience. Safari guides will always be available to help you take pictures of your experience.

  1. Activities Bring Fun

Do not stop at doing game drives. There are many more activities you can take part in to spice up your vacation. Make sure you visit the popular masai villages to learn more about their culture.

Also, engage in mountain climbing and adventure trail walking to connect with your partner as you experience nature.

Final Take

When on safari Kenya tours, to enjoy as a couple you have to make sure that you speak up. Talk about your desires for the honeymoon or anniversary with your travel consultant to get the best deal.