7 Celebrities who visited and enjoyed safari Kenya

The reality is that safari Kenya is on many people’s bucket lists. Kenya is a beautiful country and other than its amazing runners, the country is well-known for offering the best safari destinations in the world. Yes, you heard it right, Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya has for many years in a role stood as the best and most preferred safari destination.

As a result, many people from various countries, races, regions, and status, have toured Kenya for safari and enjoyed it. There are also many celebrities who fell in love with safaris in Kenya. Here, you will discover 10 celebrities who visited and enjoyed doing Kenya Safaris.

  1. Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore is an Italian Billionaire and a former boss of Renault Formula one. He is one of the celebrities who have visited Kenya for safari and loved it. Flavio Briatore has visited Kenya multiple times including launching a village resort in Malindi.

The project was launched in 2013. The resort launched by Flavio Briatore is of world-class standards with even international standard apartments.

Mr Briatore, also has a residence in Kenya which he named “Lion in the Sun.

safari kenya

  1. Anthony Bourdain in 2018

The late Anthony Bourdain was a popular chef and one of the people who visited Kenya. He visited many places across the world and Kenya is one of them. The celebrity chef, visited Kenya around 2018 March, where he did a very special film. During this period and making the film, the late Anthony Bourdain also did a safari in Kenya.

Kenya’s geography, nature, and wildlife are so attractive that many people will not hold themselves from doing a safari. This gave him a chance to get up close to the ecosystem and get to appreciate its beauty.

  1. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth became one of the most famous celebrities to visit and do safari Kenya. His happened in 1952, where she visited the country with Prince Philip. During this period, she toured Aberdare National Park and stayed at Treetops Lodge. It was a significant period of her life.

During the same period, she was announced the next queen of England while at Sagana Lodge. This happened after the death of her father. After this period, of course, the Royals established a significant relationship with Kenya and many other people from England toured Kenya for safaris.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

The Found of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is yet another celebrity who has visited the home of safaris, Kenya. Mark Zuckerberg visited the country in 2016 for both leisure and business purposes. Although he was in the country and visited the capital Nairobi to interact with entrepreneurs and developers, he appreciated the beauty of the country.

Remember, Kenya is one of the most popular and a world leader country in the mobile money field. It has made significant strides ahead of other countries with systems such as the Mpesa.

  1. Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a popular Chinese Billionaire who has been to Kenya and participated in safari-related activities. The billionaire who is also the founder of Alibaba Group, visited Nairobi city, and during the same time, the Kenya Tourism Board launched an online mobile training platform targeting travel agents from China.

As a result of his travel, there was a boosted awareness of Kenya’s many attractions. One of the highlights of Jack Ma’s visit to Kenya is his dancing with the Masai warriors which is a common phenomenon when doing a safari in Kenya.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres at the Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor in Kenya is one of the most photographed destinations on Instagram. The Giraffe Manor offers a unique experience where visitors have a chance to interact with giraffes, feed them, and even have them looking at their balconies.

Ellen DeGeneres understood this and visited Kenya to get the same experience. At this hotel, you take your breakfast with a Giraffe just next to you.

  1. Jochen Zeitz

Jochen Zeitz can as well consider himself part of Kenya. He is the CEO of Puma, which is a sports apparel firm. Jochen Zeitz love for Kenya started a long time ago back in 1989. As a result, he already has a 50,000 acre ranch in Laikipia called Segera.

Other than that, he has visited many parts of the country for safari adventures. In addition, he rose to a KWS Honorary Warden, hence keeping certain wild animals such as lions, rhinos, giraffes, and zebras in his ranch.

Final Take

An experience on safari Kenya is one of a lifetime. There is so much to experience and it will be forever memorable. The country has for sure managed to conserve the environment and has good systems that allow people to enjoy safaris. Get a good company, book a good package, and enjoy the best safari destination in the world.