5 Ways to get the Best Kenya Safari Prices When Traveling with Family

kenya safari prices

Do you want to travel to East Africa and do a Kenya Safari? If yes, then there are so many things you must check and consider to get the best Kenya Safari prices. One of them is the issue of budget. Safaris can be quite expensive depending on your pick. This is where a safari can range from as low as $150 per day to as much as $450 per day.

This means, if you are traveling with your family, you must consider the prices to make sure you get the best value for your money. In this blog, you will find the best ways of getting a good deal on Kenya Safaris when traveling with your family.

  1. Go for the Off-Peak Seasons

Safaris have seasons and they greatly affect the prices of everything. Picking the off-peak seasons will enable you to find the right price for your Kenya Safari for your family. During off-peak seasons, there are fewer people traveling and going on safaris.

Picking the off-seasons as the right time to travel with your family provides several benefits. One of them is that it minimizes the chances of overcrowding at various destinations.

Note, during pick seasons such as May-October which is the Great Migration period in Kenya, accommodation prices for various lodges, camps, and hotels can increase by more than 50%. Other seasons to avoid are such as the festive seasons like Christmas when even locals travel a lot.

kenya safari prices

  1. Plan Early and Book in Advance

Planning and booking a safari in Kenya can be quite a long and challenging process. However, it is very possible to plan and travel with your family, and at the same time get good prices.

Advance booking will help you get a good deal. Many companies, hotels, and lodges will give better rates for advanced booking especially if you are traveling during a festive or pick season.

To manage this, ensure that you take time to evaluate all the prices from different properties and tour agents. In so doing, you will be able to land some early booking offers.

  1. Choose Widely for a Tour Company

When you want to travel to Kenya for a safari, the high chances are that you will need to get a tour company/operator to plan your safari. In that case, how much you will spend can easily be affected by the type of company you choose.

Although the price of a safari may be affected by the number of days, and properties you visit, the truth is that there are some tour operators who are expensive while others are affordable.

For you to get a good deal for your family, make sure you take time to compare several tour operators. By so doing, you will be able to get different prices and you can settle for the most suitable one. Make sure to consider quality services as well.

  1. Travel as a Group

Going on a safari is only interesting when you have company. Going out with friends and family offers a chance to experience all the fun together, share the moments and even cut on expenses. So, if you are planning on doing a Kenya Safari with your family, think about how you will include as many people as possible.

The goal is to have your whole family or even friends included to minimize the overall cost. Here is how the number of people affects cost.

One of the key areas is transport. When on a safari, you hire a 4×4 Landcruiser, per day. This means, that whether the vehicle is full or it is just one person, the cost is the same. When you are a group, you share the transport cost.

The second area is accommodation. There are single rooms, doubles, triples, and even family tents/rooms in the parks. This clearly shows that it is cheaper to move as a group and cut on that cost.

  1. Book Accommodation Outside the Parks

This is ideal for people who are planning to do the safari on their own arrangement. Lodges and tented camps within the parks and reserves are known to be most expensive than those outside.

The second factor is that when staying inside the park/reserve, you will have to pay park fees for all the days whether you are going on a game drive or not.

As a result, the best way to cut such costs is to do proper research and identify a decent place to stay outside the target reserve.

However, note that you have to consider the distance from the outside accommodation to the park, to avoid spending more on transport.

The Final Take

Kenya Safari prices vary a lot depending on several factors as discussed above. However, there are high chances of getting a good deal and price when traveling with your family. Make sure you take your time to plan and follow the above-discussed factors to get the right prices. Also, consult a professional company to get help.