5 Things that make Safari Kenya and Tanzania the best in the World

safari kenya and tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania are two countries known to be the most popular safaris in East Africa. As a result, many people dream to have a safari in Kenya and Tanzania experience. These two countries in East Africa offer unmatched experiences for many reasons.

When you talk about safaris, one thing about seeing wildlife in their natural habitats in the wilderness and enjoying every moment. Seeing all the action during the safari is quite crucial as one can witness the animals hunt and interact with each other. However, things that make Kenya and Tanzania the most famous safari destinations are more than just going to the park. Below, you will discover these things and exactly where you should take one.

1. Plenty of Wildlife

Kenya and Tanzania offer a great abundance of wildlife. First, when on safari in any of these Countries, you are assured of seeing the big 5. That is Lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, Rhinos, and Leopards. There are also other animals to see such as Giraffes, Zebra, Antelopes, Hippos, Wildebeest, Cheetahs, and many more.

safari kenya and tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania have both taken great initiatives to make sure they preserve their wildlife. As a result, there are also several parks and reserves with amazing wildlife. For each county, there are more than 20 parks to visit.

2. Excellent Tropical Climate

The reality is that Africa offers an amazing climate and environment for safaris. For someone coming from other countries with a different climate, there is so much to enjoy by visiting and doing a safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

For starters, these two countries are situated on the equator. As a result, the weather is quite friendly as it is not too hot and not too cold. This means you will have an easy time while spending your time there.

The second part is the savannah, grasslands, woodlands, and tropical climate. This enables tourists to rest and have a good time even when there is winter back in their homeland. Many people will visit Africa to escape from harsh weather at home and it is absolutely worth it.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Tanzania and Kenya are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As a result, a combination of a safari and beach vacation is one of the things that make going on a safari in one of these countries a golden experience.

Both countries have a long coastline of the Indian Ocean which enables them to have beautiful and clean beaches to visit. Here, one will enjoy very clean waters, many beach sports, a lot of marine food, and many historical sites to visit.

Some of the most popular beaches one should consider visiting include Diani beach in Kenya which is one of the cleanest in Africa. It is a beach with clear waters making it ideal for activities such as snorkeling and diving.

Another area to visit in Kenya is Malindi which is a beautiful beach town with a relaxed lifestyle.

 When it comes to Tanzania, there is also so much to enjoy. Top of the list is the most famous beaches of Zanzibar which is an island. It is characterized by very clean waters and attractive coastal life. Other attractions in Tanzania include Mafia and Pemba.

4. The Great Migration

If you do not know about the Great Migration, then you better visit Kenya or Tanzania. It is a spectacular phenomenon that happens every year when millions of animals migrate from one park to the other in search of pasture.

The most interesting part is that these wild animals have mastered this process and it happens every year without a fail. It happens between the months of June and September when impalas, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, and other animals move between the Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya.

The highlight of this migration is the crossing of the Mara River which is filled with Hippos Crocodiles, and Lions waiting on the other side. Irrespective of the danger waiting for them from these predators, they heard crosses anyway. It is a magical event that takes place every year for months and a natural wonder one must witness.

6. The People and Culture

The people and culture in east Africa are one of the most attractive parts of visiting Kenya and Tanzania. When you do a Kenya and Tanzania safari, you get a chance to interact with some of the friendliest people in the world. Additionally, their culture is quite interesting and many tourists get a chance to tour and learn more about the different tribes.

These two countries have understood the role of hospitality in their tourism industry hence all people effortlessly treat you right.

Doing culture tours to tribes such as Masai, Swahili, Chagga, Pokot, and many others is a way to spice up a safari. Additionally, there is food and traditions to learn and experience.


It is quite clear that safari in Kenya and Tanzania is the best in the world. For anyone interested in the most action-packed safari, combined with good weather, people, and even beaches, there is no better place than East Africa. Get a safari and make lasting memories.