10 Safari in Kenya facts you Should Know

Kenya is a leader in East Africa when it comes to safaris and tourism. People enjoy visiting the country for many reasons, the main one being the wildlife. However, there are many safari in Kenya facts one should learn before embarking on an adventurous trip to this country.

These facts are quite interesting and most of it all they will prepare you very well for your Kenya safari experience. Knowing the facts, we are about to list below, will give you a proper perspective on doing a safari in Kenya and even make it more fun. Read along and find out more.

  1. Kenya has been explored by the Royals

Kenya is a very unique country, and it is known across the world for that uniqueness which comes from the safaris. As a result, unknown to some people, many royal people have enjoyed visiting the country in the past and mostly for safaris.

Did you know, that Princess Elizabeth, of England, rose to the Queen while on a tour in Kenya? This happened after her father, King George the 5th died. She was on a safari in Kenya, and part of the region she was visiting was the Aberdare Ranges.

The Second Royal family member is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, younger sister Pippa Middletown who did a 42 km marathon to raise funds for Kenya’s wildlife conservation efforts.

Bills Gates has also toured Kenya twice. In 1993, he was there for a safari in the famous Masai Mara national reserve, and again in 2022, for other economic-related work.

  1. Kenya is home to the Big 5

Kenya’s safaris are attractive because of the type of animals you get to see. In Kenya, you will be assured to see the big 5. That is Leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions, and Rhinos. This is a unique aspect as not many countries are able to provide such attractions.

safari in kenya facts

With the country having several game parks, it is easy to sport these animals in almost all of them. However, a Leopard is the rarest of the big 5 to spot. This is attributed to the animals’ nature and behavior. Leopards are known to be solitary animals that like to hide in bushes and tribes. Nevertheless, on safari in Kenya, you will be sure to spot at least one.

  1. Hunting of Wild Animals is Illegal

No hunting is allowed in Kenya. For decades now, the country of Kenya has been working seriously to preserve its wildlife beauty. As a result, there are very strict laws against any form of hunting. Banning of hunting was effected around 1970 and the government has been tightening its measures against this all through.

As a result, the people of Kenya have learned to take care of the wild animals instead in a bid to maintain the beauty and keep more people visiting. You will surely enjoy witnessing this amazing ecosystem.

  1. The Rift-Valley is in Kenya

Do you know about the splitting of the earth several millions of years ago? How about the formation of the great rift valley due to these split activities? Well, by visiting Kenya, you will be able to witness the great rift valley.

It is a natural phenomenon that is worth witnessing as it cracks the planet into two. The huge gorge is magnificent as it has many things to see such as lakes, rivers, volcanic mountains and so much more. There are also many pre-historic sites found along the rift valley.

  1. Hot-Air Balloon Safari is top-notch

There are many amazing experiences you will have when on a safari in Kenya. However, one of the best ones when it comes to seeing wild animals is flying on a hot-air balloon. A hot-air balloon ride safari flies over the plains of the Masai Mara or Amboseli which are some of the most popular parks.

Getting this experience is like no other, especially during the Great Migration of wildebeest at the Masai Mara.

By taking this balloon ride, you are assured of watching many animals from above and experiencing the look and feel of the park from above. In most cases, a balloon safari accompanied by a morning bush breakfast will cost around $500 per person.

  1. The Great Migration is a World Wonder

Do you know about the Great Migration? Have you had about it? It is the most popular Wildlife activity that happens in the Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya. During the Great Migration, millions of animals migrate between Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti.

The animals which include wildebeest as the majority, zebra, and Antelopes, cross into Masai Mara or into the Serengeti at different seasons of the year in search of better pasture. The most interesting part is that they have been doing this at specific times of the year without failure for several decades.

These wild animals also follow the same route during their migration which takes several weeks. They cross through the Mara River which is inhabited by dangerous crocodiles. As a result, many die there. This has been identified as a World Wonder and watching it is one of the most thrilling activities of a safari in Kenya.

  1. Over 50 National Parks and Game Reserves

Yes, Kenya has more game parks and reserves than many people know of. Although a majority of tourists know about the Amboseli National Parka and Masai Mara, there are 22 national parks and 28 reserves.

All these are homes to the magical wildlife that makes Kenya the best destination for safari in the world. All the parks and reserves are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service and they have managed to keep the animals safe and the environment worth visiting.


There are many safari in Kenya facts one can learn about. It is not possible to exhaust all of them. However, getting a company safari company to provide you with an epic safari package will allow you to experience all this first hand. Make sure you book the best package that combines several parks to witness all of the magic.